Flexrake Classic Hand Tiller (Mattock and Cultivator): The Tool You Can’t Be Without

Every gardener has a certain tool that he or she can’t live without. Not only that, but lending that special tool to any other person is out of the question; nope, it just isn’t done. Whether you received that tool as a gift or picked it out yourself, it just felt good in your hand […]

Red Dragon Weed Torch: No-Bend, Chemical-Free Weeding

While many home gardeners whip out the trowel or the sprayer to deal with weeds, there’s an easy, chemical-free option that most gardeners haven’t yet tried. Weed torches are a great no-bend solution for weeds in sidewalk cracks, gravel driveways, or along fence lines where it can be difficult to weed.

Hori-Hori and Soil Knife Showdown: Reviews of the Best and the Worst

The humble trowel has taken a backseat in recent years to its sharper competitor, the hori-hori or Japanese soil knife. Because my landscaping employees lose their soil knives more often than I’d like, I’ve had a good excuse to try out all the different brands out there and get a feel for which ones perform […]

Tubtrugs: A Multipurpose Gardening Bucket

The humble bucket is many a gardener’s best friend, because it’s easy to pop a few hand tools into it, bring it into the garden to catch weeds and dead flowerheads, and even water in new plants. Yet for all their versatility, regular buckets have a lot of flaws. The handle is uncomfortable to carry […]

The Ken-Ho Weeder: An Ideal Tool for Spring and Summer Weeds

It seems like every garden tool company has a few weeding tools in their line, regardless of whether they have any new ideas about how to make one. Like Madonna and her now-legendary loathing of Hydrangeas, those bland trowels and dandelion forks drive me to eye-rolling and muttered sarcasm. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the edge? […]