Bahco Ergo PX-M2 Pruner: Great for Lefties, Too

Guest post by Joost D. When asked about my favorite hand pruner – I was almost afraid to open up. Not that I had any hesitation mind you, but because when it comes to discussing their favorite pruner, there are many gardeners who are going to defend the honor of their favorite brand.

Bahco Hand Pruners: The Best Pruner You’ve Never Heard Of

Hand pruners are a contentious topic among gardeners, because we’re all so madly in love with our chosen style. Though gardeners will vehemently defend the honor of their favorite pruner, there’s one brand you’ve probably never even heard of: the Bahco Ergo PX line of hand pruner.

The Speedy Sharp: Sharpen Pruners Fast and On the Go

If sharpening your pruners is a task you dread, you probably aren’t using the Speedy Sharp. This compact sharpener fits in the palm of your hand, and makes sharpening fast and fun. While most people sharpen tools in winter, hand pruners need sharpening much more often – every 2-10 hours depending on the brand of […]

The Fiskars 62-inch Pruning Stik: A Perfectly Designed Pole Pruner

In winter, many fruit trees need pruning to encourage better production. But the awkward feel and heavy weight of so many pole pruners can leave us dreading this yearly task. That’s why I love the Fiskars 62 inch Pruning Stik. This pole pruner uses good design elements to do one thing perfectly: trim small branches […]