Three Fiskars Mowers: Which One Is Right for You?

Fiskars reel mower review

I’m a huge fan of the Fiskars StaySharp line of mowers, and have owned the premium version of this mower, the Staysharp Max, for about two years. It was such a relief to be able to get rid of my old gas-powered mower, which was smelly, noisy, and had such a difficult-to-pull cord that even my brawny other half had trouble getting it started.

Though we’d considered investing in a push mower for some time, traditional reel mowers are hard to push, a bit on the noisy side, and get rusty and funky fast, so they need a lot of maintenance to stay in good shape. This Fiskars line of mowers, by contrast, is quiet enough that I can have a conversation while mowing, and they are made of good enough materials that I haven’t had to sharpen mine yet.

While it gets my heart pumping to use, it’s more of an aerobic exercise than one that takes muscles or may cause injury. In fact, it’s so fun to use that my other half was willing to take on the task of lawn care and mowing! He has neck and back issues but found this an easy and fun way of staying fit and helping around the house.

The benefits of a reel mower are numerous – the blades get a cleaner cut than rotary (most gas) mowers so you don’t get brown tips on your grass, they cut the clippings into much smaller pieces so you can leave the clippings without them chunking up on the lawn and looking messy (I can hardly see the clippings and they break down very quickly), and you get a finer look since there are more blades cutting.

Which StaySharp mower to pick?

Because there are three mowers in this line and they scale up in price according to their feature sets, you might think that the right mower for you would seem like a straightforward choice dictated by how much money you have. However, each mower in the lineup has its own strengths and weaknesses built into the design which may lead you to actually prefer one of the lower-priced models.

There are three options: the StaySharp (cheapest), Staysharp Plus (mid-range), and the Staysharp Max (which has more premium features to handle tough situations).

Testing the Fiskars Momentum MowerFiskars StaySharp Mower

The StaySharp is the budget option, and is also the most like a traditional reel mower. It has a rear grass discharge which does sprinkle grass clippings on your shoes. There is a grass catcher available to purchase (link at bottom).

The shield covering the blades in front is good for people who might need to mow close to shrubs and don’t want to catch the limbs on the front of the blades. It also prevents clippings from being thrown onto the sidewalk, flowerbeds, or buildings if you approach from the front.

Since the grass catcher is behind the mower in this case, it does not obstruct your mowing view while using it. This is in contrast to the most expensive mower in the lineup, the Max, which has its grass catcher positioned in front of the blades.

The downsides to the regular StaySharp are that it has less power in the gear system so may need a little more strength to push than with the other two, it does not have inset wheels for mowing closer to the edge, and it does not cut as high as four inches like the other models do (it goes from 1.5 to 3.5 inches). Organic gardeners will know that 4 inches is truly an ideal length for preventing weeds and preserving water in the lawn, but 3.5 inches is still better than most mowers (most gas-powered mowers only go to 3”).

The verdict: Use this if you have a flat lawn with few weeds (so you don’t need power) and you want to use a grass catcher with every mow.

Fiskars StaySharp Plus Mower

The StaySharp Plus has a forward discharge to keep clippings away from users’ feet, like the Max. It does not work with a grass catcher, which is fine for most organic gardeners because it is far better to leave the clippings, and these mowers cut the clippings into tiny pieces.

The Plus has slightly larger wheels and slightly more power than the regular version, so can handle more weeds or a mild slope. It cuts from 1.5″ to 4″.

The verdict: This is the budget option for those who don’t want a grass catching bag. It has slightly better features than the regular StaySharp, except that the StaySharp is all set up to work with a grass catcher. The Plus is most similar to the Max, and if you have the money, I would choose the Max over this one, as the only advantage to the Plus is the lower price.

Fiskars StaySharp Max Mower (formerly the Momentum Mower)

Fiskars Stay Sharp Push MowerThe StaySharp Max has an inset wheel design which gives it a closer cut along the edges of your lawn, and eliminates any areas of lawn that get flattened and then don’t get cut. By the time your wheels run over the grass, you have trimmed it. This gives you a better result in the end and makes mowing cleaner and easier to control.

It also has a LOT more power. While I liked using the regular StaySharp and found it a huge improvement over normal reel mowers, the StaySharp Max felt like a dream to run. It’s downright airy! You get it going with a little push and the cutting reels turn and turn with little input after that. The chain drive mechanism makes it easier to push in the first place, and then the way the blades keep moving makes it feel as though the tool is making the most of my effort.

The Max has a front-discharge, so does not spray grass on your shoes. However, used with the grass-catcher bag, it can obstruct your view of where you are mowing since the bag sits in the front. If you plan to use the grass catcher every time, you might consider whether the cheapest StaySharp model has enough power for you.

The Max is ten pounds heavier than the other two, which sounds bad but actually makes it easier to get momentum to cut through tougher weeds. It cuts from 1-4″, so it has the biggest range of cut heights. I used it on a slope and found it pretty easy to deal with. My home lawn is bumpy and somewhat weedy and this has no problem, except for very wiry weeds which I just cut with my hedgers or string-trimmer.

The verdict: If you can afford it, this is probably the mower to get. It has WAY more power to it which makes it impressively easy to push. It also has more options (grass catcher, cutting heights), and the features are ones that make mowing more fun. However, if you do plan to use the grass-catcher with every mow and you have a flat lawn with no weeds, the regular StaySharp may be better because the grass-catcher sits in back and doesn’t obstruct your view as you mow. Otherwise, the Max is the best mower for eco-friendly lawns.

A caveat on all of the manual mowers

The one downside to every one of these mowers (and the old reel mowers too) is that they won’t cut down tall grasses, particularly wiry ones. So you have to keep up with your lawn care and not let it get out of control. A gas mower can chew through some overgrowth, but these just knock it down if it gets really tall and won’t do anything to it at all. So if you don’t have super-regular lawn-mowing habits, I’d pair any of these mowers with a string trimmer/ weed whacker which can double as an edger and be your backup in case you go away and forget to have your house-sitter mow.

Best sources to buy:

Fiskars StaySharp Mower:
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Fiskars StaySharp Max Mower:
Grass-catcher for the regular StaySharp:
Grass-catcher for the StaySharp Max:

Blade maintenance kit for the StaySharp line of mowers:

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  1. Otis Wright says

    Not many folks with 5 acres of land are very excited to get a reel push mower…but I’ll defy that! While most of my property is handled by a lawn tractor, there are areas that its more convenient to do a little pushing and be done. And this little mower handles all the needs.

    Out of the box, you’ll need to connect the back wheels (hard plastic) and the handle – a total of 6 bolts. You’ll need an 11mm and 18mm wrench to handle that. And then you’re ready to go!

    This little mower is very easy to push, and as long as the front wheels (or just one of them) are spinning, you’re cutting! It works especially well, and is very quiet. If your grass is longer, you’re likely going to end up with grass shooting all over you, but it’s so effortless to cut the grass…if you’re anything like me, the grass shooting at you will be considered entertainment. As with any push mowers, if you encounter potholes or mole holes are even small sticks, the mower isn’t going to grind through them, and you’ll need to back up and give it another go after clearing any obstacle. For smaller yards, or people with a small city plot of “land” with a little flat area in the front and back of their house that happens to have grass on it, this machine is really all you need. It’s also handy as a small area mower…

    So, of course, there needed to be a comparison. I fired up the John Deere and mowed some 6-8″ grass down to 4″. Did the same with this push reel mower, but at about 2″. The grass was a bit wet (pacific “northwet,” afterall) so neither machine make a perfect-lawn-cut. But, as you can see in the uploaded picture…they both did the job well. The grass from this mower is still sitting on the lawn, but there is supposed to be a clipping catcher coming for it early this summer, which will make it a well rounded machined in addition to a well-built mower that lives up to all expectations.

    I’d recommend this mower. At first it seemed a little expensive, but it’s quality-built, did a great job, and lives up to the manufacturer claims (which is somewhat rare these days.)

  2. Mitchell Young says

    One of the most helpful, complete, yet concise, reviews of garden products I have ever read.

  3. diane creech says

    I am thinking about buying this mower. But does it cut hybrid bermuda grass?

    • Genevieve says

      I wish I knew, but I don’t have any bermuda grass lawns on which to test it personally.

  4. To diane creech, it does an outstanding job on bermuda grass – in fact you should using this type of mower for bermuda grass.

  5. Roger erickson says

    I have a Fiskars pruning stick that the string has come loose. Can you send me a diagram on how this goes back together? Thank you

  6. The StaySharp Max is currently nearly $40 cheaper than the Plus on Amazon.

  7. rebecca sayers says

    I am in need of a nut & bolt that inserts into the handle of my Fiskers rotary motor. There are no hardware stores that have that kind of nut. Please inform me of how I can get this. My grass is getting longer every day!

    • Were you ever able to find a nut and bold for the handle of your mower? I’m looking for the same thing.

    • Fiskars is usually pretty good about sending replacements if you contact their customer service department. I have done this before with a pruning stick and they just sent me a brand new one!

  8. Hans Tanderup says

    I live in northern Sweden, and I have around 2000 m2 lawn. Today I ordered a Staysharp Max with collector box. ( is that the right name? ) We still have a little snow now mid april, can´t wait to get started….

  9. Thanks for the comparison, it was very helpful!

  10. I bought the Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower on amazon back in Sept 2014… It worked great until late last summer/early fall when it suddenly started to jam a lot.

    I adjusted the blade height and tested the blade with strips of paper… I never could get the mower to cut properly after this. I even bought the blade sharpening kit, but no luck.

    I have a small zoysia lawn, so I’m really disappointed how fast this mower deteriorated. Now I have to purchase a new mower… I want to get another reel mower, but I’m very hesitant since they’re so fragile.

    • Genevieve says

      Fiskars had a year-long run of terrible blades, and has since gotten back on track. Their metal quality really suffered!

      Go on their website and take advantage of their warranty. They honor it well, in my experience, and will likely send you a new mower. My mower has been going for five years strong with almost no maintenance, and being stored outside under a covered porch area.

    • Its true, if you cut low then its possible that the blades could be damaged.
      I recommend not to change the adjustment of the blades. First you should search the damaged part and sharp it down until it got no contact to the fixed blade anymore.
      If the adjustment of the blades is not fine it could be more difficult to get it right.
      Check the manual for the right way…
      First it is important to remove all damaged parts of the blade, then you can readjust.

  11. Hi Genevieve, I have discovered this mower and I like it but…we dont have golf or football grass type but more like meadow and it means that the grass contains flowers with more tough stems – do you think that the Max mower can work with it? Thanks for your help. Martin

  12. HI Genevieve,

    Great mower review and wondering about the wheel in front on the max and plus – do they make it difficult to get close to the end of the lawn near the house or fence? I am thinking that mowing around the border a few times first will help with this. I have a lot of obstacles in my yard so wondering if the StaySharp might work better for me? thks!

  13. I have mowed exclusively with the Max (formerly Momentum) for nearly 4 years. My lot is 10,000FT2 and flat. Mowing takes about 40 minutes and the mower works very well unless I let the lawn get too long. Then, it takes a couple cuts to catch up. This mower has worked as well as any purpose build tool I’ve ever purchased. I enjoy the quiet and not having another motor to winterize, fill with gas, start….etc. I recommend this product with out reservation and would certainly buy again. Further, I had a problem with the chain and their service people responded in less than 24 hours! I had a new part (shipped for free) in less than a week. Unbelievable in this day and age. Clearly I’m sold!

  14. It is very difficult to make turns,because the two front wheels do not piviot.therefore gouging and tearing up my lawn. Poor front wheel drive design.

    • Seems, that you havent adjusted the hight of the handle right. If it is high enough, its very easy to turn by just pushing the handle down a bit.

    • if its the plus, you are supposed to pivot it on the back wheels, as per the manual and empiric tests.

  15. I bought a Fiskars Staysharp (lowest price model) 5 years ago after my electric mower stopped working. Very pleased with the product – It works as advertised! I have done zero maintenance on it (never cleaned or sharpened) and it still works great. Very sturdy and really a great product. Yes it takes a bit more work to push than an electric but most of us could use a bit more exercise right?! If for some reason it ever stops working I would not hesitate to run out and buy another one.

  16. Guy Herman says

    I purchased a Fiskars Stay Sharp Maxc Reel Mower and it is useless. I have all of Fiskars clippers and Pole Tree trimmers and they are great. The mower is useless. The handle positions make no sense, it cuts poorly . It would be good on artificial grass, but other than that it is useless.

  17. Hello, Could you update the article to reflect the fact that the newest version of the Max now has a reversible shield, allowing clippings to be ejected out the front OR the back? This is a pretty major new feature. Would the Max be suitable for a 500sqm lawn area?

  18. Thanks, Genevieve,

    Great info for those of us who are trying to figure out which is which. I’ve been looking at these for a while, now. Looks like the Plus is the one for me. Can’t wait to have a plaid lawn.

  19. Thanks for the comparison of the models, Genevieve. It was exactly what I needed.

  20. Julio Velarde says

    Thanks for the explanation of the different models (I’ve used a basic one for the better part of ten years), and recently bought a Plus.
    I agree, the Fiskars mowers are great. I come from England, where it was said Don’t bother with a power mower unless you have a really big garden (there are more big gardens over there than here in Canada, believe it or not!).
    All our neighbours have power mowers. Bonkers! But a passerby saw me using the Fiskars mower, and grinned and put his thumb up!
    Thoroughly recommend it. Stays sharp after years of use.
    It’s true, Fiskars do honour their warranty, with no hassle. Very good customer service.