Tubtrugs: A Multipurpose Gardening Bucket

The humble bucket is many a gardener’s best friend, because it’s easy to pop a few hand tools into it, bring it into the garden to catch weeds and dead flowerheads, and even water in new plants. Yet for all their versatility, regular buckets have a lot of flaws. The handle is uncomfortable to carry […]

The Ken-Ho Weeder: An Ideal Tool for Spring and Summer Weeds

It seems like every garden tool company has a few weeding tools in their line, regardless of whether they have any new ideas about how to make one. Like Madonna and her now-legendary loathing of Hydrangeas, those bland trowels and dandelion forks drive me to eye-rolling and muttered sarcasm. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the edge? […]

The Fiskars 62-inch Pruning Stik: A Perfectly Designed Pole Pruner

In winter, many fruit trees need pruning to encourage better production. But the awkward feel and heavy weight of so many pole pruners can leave us dreading this yearly task. That’s why I love the Fiskars 62 inch Pruning Stik. This pole pruner uses good design elements to do one thing perfectly: trim small branches […]